…is not about trying to figure out if Amazon is cheaper than Azure, or if you should keep things in your datacenter on OpenStack or a pretend VMware Cloud.

We think, it’s about the creation of an ecosystem, a Cloud service broker where applications become products that can run on any Cloud.

Our aim is to deliver you a strategy that delivers: true flexibility, agile governance and complete abstraction from any specific cloud provider or technology. Our 3 step agile methodology is designed to work with you to create an approach that delivers on the true benefits of cloud for your organisation, whilst avoiding common industry mistakes.

1) We start by assessing where you are on your adoption of cloud services. Do you have a strategy? if so what is it missing / how can it be improved upon, how much of your existing landscape could you run on Cloud, are your applications ready for Cloud and can they run natively?

2) Next we build a concise and practical strategy that describes how to accelerate and transform: people, process and technology for Cloud. Do you have a business case inclusive of practical use cases and examples? Have you understood the cost of application transformation? Do you have a simple, user led design Cloud service broker, ensuring you avoid getting locked into a single Cloud vendor? How do you purchase and govern the use of Cloud Services in you’re organisation to avoid regulatory, security and legal obstacles?

3) Finally we co-create a minimal viable Cloud Service Broker product, that delivers a tangible outcome to your strategy and enables you to accelerate Cloud adoption. Do you have an inclusive framework for enabling DevOps transformation in your organisation? Do you have an application centric product based strategy for the development and management of applications in the Cloud? Have you built a single, assured portal for Cloud that allows you to choose and govern where Cloud applications run and how they are operated?


…where your applications’ can dynamically select the infrastructure it needs when it needs it.

Where you have a single user experience for all cloud providers and services and a common security, legal and financial framework that’s is flexible by design and fully audit-able.

A world where you stop just talking about Cloud transformation, or thinking that by putting a few Dev Test examples into Amazon means you have adopted Cloud.

To a world that enables the running of production workloads in any Cloud provider, based upon cost, context, security need, performance and geographic location.

The world where an application defines its network, storage and compute requirements dynamically, on the fly.

If any of this resonates?

Then it’s time to stop focusing on delivering infrastructure faster/ cheaper and embrace an application centric orchestration strategy. If you are to move into the new age of application centric hybrid Cloud adoption and truly transform your Enterprise.


Think Above Cloud has successfully delivered cloud transformations for some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations.

We have over 35 years of combined experience in Cloud innovation solving the complex challenges in moving to a Cloud model.

We can offer you our unique insight into what Cloud really can deliver for your business and enable you to start embracing your move into the Cloud.

Our approach is an agile, innovative and light weight framework delivering a creative and bespoke outcome for your business.

We live, breathe and evangelise Cloud, simplify, abstract above Cloud and educate you to embrace Cloud.

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