thought leadership for a cloud generation

helping Enterprises disrupt, transform and innovate in the cloud.

Our approach based on years of industry experience successfully leading cloud transformations in global enterprises. We aim to work along side you and empower you to transform your people process and technology to achieve the benefits cloud can deliver.

If have yet to start your cloud revolution or have stopped after getting dev and test into Amazon, we can help push you forward and embrace the cloud. 

Think Above Cloud builds its offerings around 4 key elements

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Cloud First, does not make a cloud strategy. A cloud strategy should be business focused, aimed at delivering business transformation and be driven from the top of an organisation. The strategy practice will disrupt, evolve and transform your organisation to be a cloud native.

business case, vision and MVP creation

cloud native transformation program 

agile governance and methods

Devops frameworks an engineering

Avoiding lock in, embracing innovation


Its a methodology not a team, the singularly most misunderstood term in Enterprise. Our Devops practice helps you to understand opportunity devops can bring to the enterprise. Devops has evolved, small teams managing single applications that are fully automated, at we have established and supported some of the worlds largest companies to embrace the devops revolution. 

code and config

automate everything

puppet, jenkins chef, anisble and anything else

SLDC, operate model

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Decoupled, stateless and automated are often used in describing cloud architectures. Cloud Native architectures also enable auto scaling, self healing and agility. The architecture practice will ensure your transformation to the cloud meets your business epectations.

networks and infrastructure design

databases and applications

cloud native catalogs

orchestration and brokerage

self healing -  auto scaling



Risks to using cloud? Or as we think of them, requirements for using the cloud. Sounds easy, in practice its the area large organisations struggle to transform. We can build with you cloud; security frameworks, policy, design, assurance process and forensics solutions. At we can deliver to you're organisation a secure, trusted and innovative approach to sec ops in the cloud. 

Sec Ops

Micro services

Data centric 

forensics, audit, logging

What we do

Strategy, Architecture, DevOps, Agile and Digital Transformation

Definition of a transformational cloud strategy by working with you to ensure your business challenges, outcomes and benefits are at its center. We can provide; joint working sessions aimed at developing a strategy that delivers disruptive multi year cloud transformation. Supporting you to define robust cost models and innovative cloud business case/ vision. Evangelising and planning an agile driven creative approach to building your strategy not just putting it into a slide deck. Working with the top of organisations to educate, evangelise and establish a mandate to transform. Establishing targets and change initiatives to support the technologists embrace the cloud.

Cloud Native Architecture

Assessment of existing applications portfolio, cloud native architecture design patterns, advice and recommendations on cloud vendors, suppliers and providers. We can deliver a route to transformation, crawl, walk, run (avoiding the heart attack). We are unique, big call i hear.. well to help support this bold statement some facts,  our team is filled with experts that have over 9 years of real cloud delivery experience. We helped  the founders of openstack to understand how the enterprise works. Our team has built its industry experience by working with; News International, Reed Elsevier, BP, Centrica, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Visa, Barclays Capital, AIG, Unilever and many others. 

DevOps in Enterprise

Defining how an enterprise can transform to embrace devops. Tooling and automation require a leap of faith if you come from a traditional ITIL world of operating applications. We can help explain what an operating model requires to succeed in large enterprises, why this is a completely new way operating your critical applications and what it can deliver for your business. Our team of world leading coders look beyond Chef, Anisble, Puppet to new tooling, pipelines and innovations. If it doest exist we will build it. We have helped enterprises save over 400 man days of testing through automation. Devops will can change the IT world forever, we can help you understand whats possible and work with you to build and engineer a new future.

Security for Cloud

Our experts in security have a back ground in tradition, we understand perimeter security, the need to have a firewall everywhere and the physical separation of networks. We also understand why data centric and micro services add more control. can therefore explain why new does not mean less secure or bad. 

WE can also assist with Cloud Operating model design, service design, agile methodologies, integration, SSO, PAAs, Docker, containers...