Think Above Cloud has worked with some of the worlds best known brands including; Liberty Global, Shell, Vodafone, BP, Centrica, News Corp and Elsevier to drive a culture of agility, devOps and innovation.


We understand the scale of challenge, why digital transformations fail, how to pivot large bureaucratic enterprises and ultimately  generate more value for less work.

Where you start establishing momentum, building strategy, creating vision and the case for change.  The importance of delivering a culture of entrepreneurial management and a new style leadership, without which you will not be able to embrace the benefits of new world disruptive technologies.

We know how to scale the culture of agility enterprise wide, avoiding the inevitable pull towards the waterfall of Gantt Chart perceived control. Building DevOps teams free to innovate and continuously deliver.

Unlike the traditional consultancies, we practice a create first approach, aimed at breaking down silos and inefficient handoffs between teams. We work closely with you, to provide the nucleus of small self organising highly skilled teams. Creating a no blame, high trust culture enabling DevOps and Agile to thrive. 


If you have tried the old traditional consultancies who proclaim the digital transformation mantra, yet fail to deliver anything beyond a single project or an expensive document, then get in touch and we can help you; start, accelerate or reignite your transformation! 

Agile, Cloud Native, and DevOps radically change the way you think about IT in your organisation. 

Pivot your approach, Think Above the Cloud.

 We can support you in the creation of your vision, strategy

and mobilise small high performing teams to kick start your new culture.



DevOps breaks down the large manually gated siloed org structures that have developed over the last 25 years in Enterprises into small, empowered teams able to deliver business value much more effectively with no loss of control or governance. 

Digital Transformation

Agile, Cloud Native, and DevOps radically change the way you think about IT in your organisation. To transform from a traditional IT function to this new world requires you to pivot your entire culture, mindset, no longer treat your IT as a cost centre there to serve what the business asks it to do.


Cloud Native 

Cloud Native  is a very different approach to traditional monolithic architectures. Services are broken into small micro-service components, which are API endpoint enabled and designed specifically for Cloud Platforms. its Infrastructure as code and more. 


Agile compliments DevOps  by advocating adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change. So how  do we scale this across an Enterprise?