Technical Debt and Buzzwords

Tech debt on the is rise. With folk fixated on buzzwords like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes DevOps and Agile... the tech driven approach to transformation is a road too many enterprises tread, normally focused around a single application migrating to the cloud... of course there are many challenges with this blinkered approach, tech debt however is one that often is only visible once those tech driven transformers roll off to a new project.

This example from hackernoon, https://l...

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Multi Cloud

At Think Above HQ we actually encourage enterprises to follow a multicloud strategy. So here is an article that tries to explain why you shouldn’t follow this approach.

1) cloud brokers: yes you need one, we would go further, you have to have one if you want to truly transform your organisation to run on cloud.

Automating your governance (cost controls, where you data runs, who owns the application....) are also massively important, just ask your GDPR folk... a cloud broker should not be seen as a blocker but the reverse your enabler.

2) plugable clouds

Sure each cloud has a set of APIs and they all differ (unless your in the Openstack camp) the point here you should be focusing on is not how you make the clouds swappable but YOUR APPS...

Can you automate the same level of control (security, network, identity and so on...) in each cloud.

Can you use similar services like load balancing or databases are these specific to a provider.

Do you understand what you need to do to consume mutliclouds, from legal to Financial to Engineering and development. All too often enterprises start with is AWS better than AZURE, what’s the cost saving for Openstack against my current VMware platform. These are distractions and outcomes from your strategy to deliver a devops culture into your enterprise. If you nail that enabling multi clouds, adapting the broker to meet your companies needs and doing at scale are all achievable.

Enjoy the article, it makes some fair points... Think Above’s!take, is there a few more important ones you need to think about first... that mean you already know how to manage a plug and play approach to multicloud.…/dont-fall-for-the-pluggable-clo…