We often come across small but shining examples of DevOps working as lighthouse projects in Enterprises. The main challenge is how to scale these small examples to an industrial scale. These small teams usually have within them, product managers, engineers, developers and so on. The individuals are normally multi-disciplined or "E Shaped" so able to for fill multiple roles from security to automation. The other well used industry term used for this is "a pizza box sized team". 

So how do you scale this across an organisation? Well what you don't do is create a large central shared services function with a bench of developers that can map to existing teams or organisational structures. Nor do you try to separate the Dev and Ops parts into different teams or reporting lines the moment this happens you have taken a wrong turn and will likely fail. 

So how with a Small Team methodology, we scale out as applications and estates grow. We simply build more teams, or as Spotify's well referenced model calls them squads. You of course should establish a new organisation free from the layers of blockers, process and governance where small teams can create communities, or tribes, chapters and alliances if your familiar with the Spotify model. This forms the new culture, one focused on agility, innovation and self improvement.

Think Above Cloud following years of experience in driving DevOps culture and structures into large complex Enterprises have developed our own framework for scaling the Small Team methodology. Which happens to resemble a certain famous science fiction space ship with a handy name the starship ENTERPRISE. Below you can see an overview of this model which we call TO BOLDY GO. 

ThinkAboveCloud's framework for scaling DevOps across the Enterprise.

ThinkAboveCloud's framework for scaling DevOps across the Enterprise.

This is how we can assist you in designing and implementing not just a new Operating Model, but also the creation of a new culture within your organisation. Creating the right environment for DevOps to thrive enabling your business to innovate faster, deliver more and reduce your costs. We can supply the people, tools, importantly guidance based on years of delivery to ensure your do not stray from the path and revert  back to a traditional IT delivery model. For more information and to understand how we can support you please get in touch.