The transformation impacts middle managers most, ask your self what do they do in this paradigm?

"I can direct teams...?" nope teams are self directing, "I can define the work...?" nope the teams do that too. "Ok may be I prioritise the work they do?" nope product owners and managers do that, "But i still control the budget right?"  not quite, to assign this to the team and they do, against the priorities they define... and so it goes on. 

Im sure you get our point, the key to embedding and sustaining any transformation is to make the middle management feel valued, after all their experience doesn't get old used in the right way its invaluable. If they can be made to feel they are part of the creation of the new vision, a better way of working, become inspired it can really accelerate your transformation, rather than getting caught in a strong head winds of resistance and politics.

In fact this is one of the singularly most import factors in ensuring your transformation is successful. without them on board and empowered to drive the culture, remove blockers as they are identified and trust their teams to deliver your transformation will fail, even if you manage to get an application running in Amazon Web Services...