Changing company culture is tough, really tough. 

It's learned human behaviour, based on years of business process and systems which have served to govern large Enterprises well over many years. These processes evolve and scale as the company grows,  creating layer upon layer of bureaucracy and complexity enabling control.

Why? well its there to ensure IT delivers isn't it? Accountability must be present for the Enterprise to track that it gets value from IT, to track projects deliver on time at the costs promised.

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But the thing is, with the business treating IT as an external entity that must be controlled, as Mark Swartz author of "The Seat at the Table" says "the unit of transaction is a project, the waterfall you hide behind creates an invented perception of control" leads to projects over running, increased costs and sniffles innovation.

It runs counter to what you need to do to successfully transform your organisation into a one ready to embrace the disruptor age. Our transformation practice can assist you in this area, help you to be successful and build the right approach, capabilities and skills to execute your move to this new world. To find out more about this click below.

With the disruptor age (AI, BlockChain, Internet of Things, Analytics, Cloud 5G and so on...) comes the need to rapidly digitally transform, but what does it mean? Its not technology, thats the easy bit... the more cricitcal and difficult part is the cultural change, learning new behaviours, new ways of working, empowering and establishing entrepreneurial management cultures within your organisation.