To Transform From A Traditional IT Function To This New World Requires You To Pivot Your Entire Culture, Mindset!

You no longer treat your IT as a cost centre there to serve what the business asks it to do. It becomes integral to the business, the engine room delivering new products and features rapidly, identifying what the business needs and why, creating value. In old language it defines its own requirements, as opposed to receiving then responding to a set of requirements from the business.  To achieve this way of working, small teams self organising, prioritising and delivering requires freedom from existing company accountability, process and culture. It is not tech lead, it must be business lead.

Changing company culture is tough, really tough. 

It's learned human behaviour, based on years of business process and systems which have served to govern large Enterprises well over many years. These processes evolve and scale as the company grows,  creating layer upon layer of bureaucracy and complexity enabling control.

Why? well its there to ensure IT delivers isn't it? Accountability must be present for the Enterprise to track that it gets value from IT, to track projects deliver on time at the costs promised.

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But the thing is, with the business treating IT as an external entity that must be controlled, as Mark Swartz author of "The Seat at the Table" says "the unit of transaction is a project, the waterfall you hide behind creates an invented perception of control" leads to projects over running, increased costs and sniffles innovation.

It runs counter to what you need to do to successfully transform your organisation into a one ready to embrace the disruptor age. Our transformation practice can assist you in this area, help you to be successful and build the right approach, capabilities and skills to execute your move to this new world. To find out more about this click below.

With the disruptor age (AI, BlockChain, Internet of Things, Analytics, Cloud 5G and so on...) comes the need to rapidly digitally transform, but what does it mean? Its not technology, thats the easy bit... the more cricitcal and difficult part is the cultural change, learning new behaviours, new ways of working, empowering and establishing entrepreneurial management cultures within your organisation.

This type of change can only be driven from the top, the CEO down.

It's tough, recent surveys have shown only 19% succeed, why well its due to resistance shown normally by middle management / leaders in your business, why...? They have learnt behaviour (culture) thats based on years of following process and being held accountable. After all without governance the IT guys would be off playing with the latest toys and not delivering what the company actually needs. They have to be governed or controlled to ensure they provide value to the business right, avoid projects over running or budgets being exceeded?

Well no, not really... we are yet to come across an individual who doesn't want to provide value, improve their organisation, coming up with ideas on how to improve, trying to do the right thing. Just constrained by existing governance and structures that simply cant be changed.  

The trouble is, learning these new behaviours and changing years of built up company culture is the real challenge.  Leaders usually are not empowered to do this, it goes against all the structures and controls that exist in a large enterprise. It also goes against what they have learnt, applied and been successful with, it's a new way, that requires leaders to embrace a different approach. 

This is why senior leaders, CEO's..  need to provide relevant empowerment, enable their staff to be entrepreneurial to inspire their teams and establish that hight trust no blame culture.


The transformation impacts middle managers most, ask your self what do they do in this paradigm?

"I can direct teams...?" nope teams are self directing, "I can define the work...?" nope the teams do that too. "Ok may be I prioritise the work they do?" nope product owners and managers do that, "But i still control the budget right?"  not quite, to assign this to the team and they do, against the priorities they define... and so it goes on. 

Im sure you get our point, the key to embedding and sustaining any transformation is to make the middle management feel valued, after all their experience doesn't get old used in the right way its invaluable. If they can be made to feel they are part of the creation of the new vision, a better way of working, become inspired it can really accelerate your transformation, rather than getting caught in a strong head winds of resistance and politics.

In fact this is one of the singularly most import factors in ensuring your transformation is successful. without them on board and empowered to drive the culture, remove blockers as they are identified and trust their teams to deliver your transformation will fail, even if you manage to get an application running in Amazon Web Services...


Sounds risky...? how to you govern if there are no gates or boards?

How do you create these self organising teams, where do you start. Check out our Agile page which sets this out. 

We have also developed our own methodology to enable senior leaders and middle managers to learn new behaviours that embrace the startup culture, drive innovation to ensure your transformation succeeds, we call it the W's of transformation. Below is a very small intro to this and if you would like to find out more click on the button below and we will be in touch!

We at ThinkAbove.Cloud  have supported  some of the largest Enterprises' on the planet, fighting the good fight trying to transform. We have seen transformations stall and ultimately fail. Through this experience we believe we understand why and can provide you with a clear path that guides you through this most important of transformations.

We can help you define your digital transformation vision, strategy and build your capabilities to ensure you succeed. We can help you to understand what transformation leadership means, how to create the right cultures and mindsets to lead this change. 

Click below to get in touch and find out on how we can assist you in creating your digital transformation Vision, Strategy and Roadmap. Help with training and inspiring your new leadership culture and designing an operating model / organisation structure fit for the age of the disruptors.